Can I come in and just observe a class?

Yes! If you would like to observe one of our classes you are welcome to do so. Please contact us to arrange your observation time and date.

Do you have contracts?

All of our students are required to have an active student membership in order to participate in classes or open training. Just like a membership to an exclusive club! If you'd like more information about our Membership Options please Contact Us.

How much are lessons?

We have a variety of programs and classes ranging in price from just $149 per month! Contact us to find out more about what we offer!

How long are classes?

Most of our classes are 45 minutes, but we do host some longer and shorter classes, depending on the program.

Do you offer beginner classes for children and adults?

Yes! In fact, we have several classes each week that are geared toward beginners! Contact us for our full schedule of programs and classes.

Is there sparring in the curriculum?

Yes! We ensure that safety comes first by focusing on age-appropriate sparring curriculum, and requiring sparring gear for all of our students.

Are there testing fees?

Only for Black Belt testing and beyond. Standard examination fees are covered by your regular tuition!

Do I have to compete in tournaments or do a lot of traveling?

Our Federation hosts several events throughout each year, including Leadership camps and seminars, tournaments, retreats, and special clinics, some of which are local, and some of which require traveling. We like for students participate in at least one Federation event each calendar year.

Does Martial Arts/Karate/Tang Soo Do make kids violent?

Absolutely not! In fact, there have been numerous scientific studies of this subject that prove exactly the opposite! Students who study martial arts tend to be less violent and less prone to view innocuous situations as threatening. Read More Here!

Can Martial Arts/Karate/Tang Soo Do be dangerous or cause injury?

Any physical activity can be dangerous or cause injury. Martial Arts, Karate, MMA, Tae Kwon Do, etc. are usually perceived as being much more dangerous than they actually are, and, in fact, there's some great new research in this field of study that proves that, not only is Martial Arts training relatively safe, it's actually significantly safer than many traditional sports such as Football and Hockey (based on average injuries, concussions, etc.).

Do Boys AND Girls take Martial Arts/Karate/Tang Soo Do?

Yes! Not only do boys and girls take classes, but they take them together! Boys and girls (and men and women) are on equal ground in Martial Arts.

I am not athletic. Can I participate in Martial Arts?

Yes! In fact, many students come to us, initially, for this exact reason! Martial Arts training strengthens and hones the body to be more capable. Endurance, physical strength, flexibility, range-of-motion, and grace all improve through Martial Arts training. 

What is the Healing Warrior Society?

The Healing Warrior Society is an organization dedicated to helping people from all walks of life benefit from the "softer side" of Martial Arts, with an emphasis on diet & nutrition, flexibility & mobility, mindfulness, energy cultivation, and longevity. Soft, smooth movement of the body and education help people move better, think better, and feel better. You can find out more by contacting us!

I have an injury or pre-existing condition. Can I take lessons?

We recommend consulting with your primary-care physician before participating in any physical activity, but, in general, the answer is "Yes!" Martial Arts is about self-improvement, not stacking yourself against others. Wherever you are, we can probably take you to the next level of where you want to be. We have several students with pre-existing medical conditions or injuries, ranging from mild asthma to major hip surgery, and they participate in classes very well!

Why Cornerstone Martial Arts?

  • Self-Defense
  • Personal Development
  • Mindfulness Training
  • Physical Fitness
  • Leadership Training